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School holidays could possibly be the most awaited time for your children. You want to ready your vacation plan well. Because I'd lived in Indonesia for three years with, here I want to talk about 5 interesting holiday destinations in Indonesia I have visited along with my kids. I trust you may get an idea for your trip itinerary whenever you're planning to go to Indonesia.

Batu City, Malang

Besides being cool, this city that's renowned for producing apples additionally has lots of intriguing sights. At Pujon Rabbit Parknot only can you attract your children to stop by a more special hobbit house, you can also see other interesting facilities such as Kampoeng Cafe, Rabbit Park, Strawberry Picking Tourism, Processed Milk Cottage, and home stay. You and your family members can take images in the available gazebo with enchanting background scenery of Mount Kawi and Mount Arjuno. Still another tourist destination you can see is Jatim Park 1. It's thought of as the first creative place in the metropolis. Besides having a beautiful panorama, you will find many enjoyable game rides. In fact, your kids may also play while they are studying the Science Stadium that's a Learning Gallery using a variety of applied science teaching guides. Besides visiting Jatim Park 1, you can even bring your kids to go to Jatim Park 2. Although it's an advanced tourist spot from Jatim Park 1, the centers in it are of worldwide class. Your little one can learn about critters at Secret Zoo, animal museums, and E CO Green Park that may have interesting animal collections.


Yogyakarta is indeed known for its wide variety of tourist destinations that are very many and interesting. They are able to find out about the ancient kingdoms in Indonesia Archipelago through those temples. Maybe travel advisor to Borobudur Temple or Prambanan Temple, in Yogyakarta, but there are also lots of family vacation spots which can be seen. You are able to simply take your kids to go to The Lost World Castle. Located at the foot of Mount Merapi, this tourist attraction has a variety of unique European-style buildings. Additionally, there are various dinosaurs statues, Indian tents, cherry trees to replicas of Stonehenge. You May Also visit the Entire World Landmarks Merapi Park. Your children can go for a walk whilst appreciating the world round the slopes of Merapi. You will find landmarks from various nations round the world you can see here as Forbidden City China, Pisa Tower, Big Bend Clock, Menada Eifel, and also others. Additionally, you can even choose your kids to visit Yogyakarta Aerospace Museum. Invite your kids to increase knowledge about the aircraft at the Indonesian Aerospace Museum. It will be very fine, especially for people who would like to become pilots. They can play and enter at the cockpit of an aircraft like a pilot. This air craft memorial provides 3-6 aircraft, especially fighter planes.

Bandung, West Java

Every holiday season, Bandung is definitely stuck. That is because Bandung has lots of attractive holiday destinations. Besides that, the air is also cool and the food is flavorful. Enjoy a relaxed atmosphere with your family in this park. Not only could your children enjoy playing at the playground, however they can also enjoy culinary tours. Another attraction to see is your Farmhouse Susu Lembang. Your family members may enjoy a comfortable and cool agricultural setting here. There is also a hobbit house and respective interesting properties that are overburdened. Your children could play at a huge garden area, while you and your partner are busy searching for a good spot to take pictures together. If you like shopping, Bandung is the best city in Indonesia at which you can find various outlets which give you local or worldwide brand of styles.


Bali is a paradise where you can get all sorts of pleasure you want. You may choose your kids to enjoy the action by visiting waterfalls that are fantastic, going for snorkeling, and even catching your best time on the boat while appreciating the natural habitat of dolphins from North Bali. You could even invite your young ones to learn more about Balinese culture by attending short art-classes such as learning Balinese dancing, paintings, and playing with Balinese traditional music called as Gamelan. Do not forget to do a culinary tour while you are in Bali as you're able to discover various local or global cuisines here.

Bangka Belitung

Maybe not only in Bali, but Bangka Belitung additionally has lots of exotic sights acceptable for your vacation. In reality, there are still many areas in the coastal area which are still clean and untouched by lots of men and women. The two famous beaches are Tanjung Tinggi Beach and also Parai Tenggiri Beach. Tanjung Tinggi Beach could be probably the most charming beach in Belitung. It is possible to invite your children to explore the shore by kayak. In addition, you could also fish, snorkel and play with ski . Meanwhile, the Parai Tenggiri Beach, not merely has an exotic panorama but additionally includes a normal stretch of granite stone. Actually, your family members can enjoy the sweetness of the South China Sea out of this particular beach. This beach also provides facilities for snorkeling, banana boat, and parasailing.