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Holy cow, how dangerous are the St,. Louis Rams?

Two pathetic showings in a row. The place is Faulk and Warner and Bruce? Deliver 'em again. Higher but, how about Vince discount ferragamo belt, Henry Ellard and Eric Dickerson, Henry Ellard, Nolan Cromwell and Jack Youngblood. They can probably play better than the current squad.|||This might be the worst Rams group in historical past!

I know for a truth they have the worst coach!|||All of it begins up entrance on each sides of the ball, and they were totally dominated on each sides of the line of the scrimmage by the physical Eagles and Giants. Skill gamers on offense haven't got a chance with the "blocking" offered by the Rams' OL. Their secondary isn't as dangerous as they appear, Replica Ferragamo Belt however they just don't get enough stress on the QB.

On the bright facet, their special teams had been very good (with the exception of the punt protection crew late on Dixon as we speak).|||It is really sad. Nobody appears to be taking part in with any fire. Lengthy had a pleasant sack,but it simply was not sufficient to ignite the crew.Perhaps the rams can go back to LA, and they can implode that god awful dome,with the current rams workforce in it!|||you are telling me and Salvatore Ferragamo Belts I am a huge Rams fan.