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Use the information and tips in this article to help you design a blog that works for you. The truth is, your wanting to play the flute again, or short story writing, or learn tennis, or whatever you are called to do, is reason enough to do just that. Enormous value awaits you in your pursuit of what you are called to do.

The potential benefit to you lies in the DOING of the activity, not in your reaching some external performance standard. Wherever you are on the continuum of talent and skill, you are good enough to merit participating in the activity. You can type in Google 'submit link' or 'submit URL' and the search engine will show you thousands of the sites where you can add a link to your site for free or a small payment for the featured submission.

It all starts with an idea or a message that you want to share. From there, the choices get more complicated because there are so many options and possibilities. Blogging is popular for many reasons. In order to get many backinks you can start by submitting your site URL to the multiple link directories.

You can do it manually or use the service for the automatic submission to the hundreds of directories. You will find their site by clicking on the (Bing URL Submission) header. Whatever method you choose, do it. Hand indexing your URL's to the MSN (Bing) can be done by going to Google and searching for the term "submit url Bing". In fact, sites that have lots of social bookmarks even get ranked in the search engines better.

In some of the directories your link will live forever. It will be tempting to publish on any site that will have you. You may find the process with Bing is simpler to use than the Google submission. By publishing on popular sites you will establish yourself as someone worth respecting. All you have to do on the Bing submission is the put your URL and click the submit button.

Instead, look for sites with high traffic levels and click through rates. To find appropriate keywords you check your web logs to see what words people used in search engines to bring you to your site. Choose the other websites with extreme care. This author wrote about all the treasures and unknown valuables that are hiding in our attics and garages and basements and who knows where in a previous article.

Those treasures might be easy to discover and identify. You got to niche your keyword. So you need to find a keyword that people actually look for but not too many people are bidding on. When people type these keywords while searching for information in the web, this will increase your website's rank.

The keywords and phrases relevant to your site must be contained in your articles posted in the website. Thus, many visitors will be directed to your site through the search engines. One of the most effective ways of getting targeted website visitors are social bookmarking sites. When these customers prompted to your site find your articles very informative and helpful, they will likely buy your offered products and services.

It would really take a lot to go on an extra mile with your social bookmarking efforts but you'll earn the fruits of your labor soon enough provided you know what you're doing and you're doing it effectively. Also their are online tools to use that suggest keywords and give a thesaurus of options along with how many times people searched for that keyword last month.

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